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Google’s Acquisition Appetite

I got curious recently about google in regards to acquisitions and so i did the most logical thing, yep, I googled it! And the results were pretty interesting might I add.

I got this wikipedia entry; a list of google’s acquisitions since 2001 to date.

According to the wikipedia entry:

Most companies acquired by Google feature:

  • A small but very talented development team
  • Interesting and innovative products, technology, or intellectual property
  • A private start-up with a relatively cheap price tag.

There is also this very interesting blog entry that intends to dissect google’s recent acquisitions.

Have you ever read this SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filing by google? Well, i breezed through it.

Googley-good history!

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but well, that didn stop me now did it? I went on to google yahoo’s acquisitions (or should I have yahood for it??? Naaah). The results are quite interesting as well:

(Typically) There is this entry at wikipedia of yahoo’s acquisitions

And this (nice) blog had an entry as well.

Ok, so you wanna stretch this little inquiry a little further? Let’s see what microsoft has been up to!

Here’s a blog entry!

And here’s something from microsoft itself.

Oh and here is the SEC’s repository in case anyone is research inclined when a juicy piece of interesting information is provided and they want to find out more.

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