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Bill G Review

Probably everyone who is interested in software knows about BillG reviews, you know, basically where you present your product to BillG to basically crash conceptually and you hope you will survive the intense questioning!?

Well, it so turns out that I had a ‘near-bill-g-review-experience’. I had to present some product features that I had been working on and well, let’s just say that, I think I may just have graduated to somewhere closer to just barely surviving an actually BillG review, if they are actually what they are purported to be, and I have no doubt that they are! And this after having less than three hours of sleep as I worked myself to pieces to make sure I had  covered some vital points.

It was actually kinda fun though, yeah… it actually was! I think I enjoy talking about product features and how they can work for the user. ;) 

Here are a few tales of the brave warriors who walked into a BillG review and lived to tell the tale😉 :






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