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Gulp! MSFT to Buy part of Facebook?

When I saw this I just sat up straight in my chair (before that I was in a bit of a lull after some good lunch), especially since I just posted about Mark.

There’s a report out that MSFT might buy 5% of Facebook, according to Reuters:

Microsoft Corp is in talks to buy up to 5 percent of Facebook in a deal that could value the fast-growing online social network company at $10 billion or more, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.[Full article…]

Of course this would have some SERIOUS repercussions, it could help boost the Facebook coffers and in turn place MSFT in a better competitive position in regards to Google and Yahoo! But also it may be viewed as an ‘interesting’ move in the tech community. Of course, MSFT is mostly viewed as something of a ‘Big Brother’ in the industry and one could speculate what would happen if it went on to take over Facebook, an icon of the ‘free world’; at least those are speculations. According to reuters:

The move could give maturing Microsoft more access to young users and let Facebook get closer to a major software maker at a time when its growth is increasingly tied to a proliferation of small applications from independent developers on its site.

Of course Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, has been quoted saying that his company wants to stay independent, but there’s a twisted saying that if the price is high enough… Well, yeah.😉

In my opinion, I don’t think it would be a good idea for Facebook to sell out. Not to MSFT, or Google, or Yahoo! (and nothing against MSFT, if anything I have mad respect for them). That does not rule out having business relationships with them. Like imagine if instead of selling out, they looked for strategic ways in which they could have, say joint products/services with the companies or something. That way not selling out, but getting the advantage of the weight of these corporations in key areas.

Anyway, enough speculating. Let’s see how this turns out.

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One Response

  1. M says:

    LOL! Mark wants to stay independent? Surely he jests!

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