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Golden 22

When Mark Zuckerberg showed up in Palo Alto three years ago, he had no car, no house, and no job. Today, he’s at the helm of a smokin’-hot social-networking site, Facebook, and turning down billion-dollar offers. Can this kid be for real?[…]

The Google Guys, Larry and Sergey were 22 when they set out on a mission that today still causes ripples or more like tidal waves around the globe and more so on technology circles. The two Stanford guys who changed the way we all get information from the immense, entagled web. And today several thousand employees and several web services and applications later (not to mention several billion USD later😉 ), we still hold them in extreme,y high regard!

Mark Zuckerberg! Another 22 year-old innovator (of course he is no longer 22), the face behind Facebook! And another story is in the writing…!?

So, is there something interesting about the age of 22? Hey, I am 22 right now… what difference will I make before August 20th next year when I turn 23? Will it be a big enough difference worth at least as much as the $1 billion that Yahoo! is rumoured to have propesed to Zuckerberg to buy out Facebook? Well, for starters, I aint in an Ivy League university… but I have something…😉

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  1. […] Posted on September 25th, 2007. When I saw this I just sat up straight in my chair (before that I was in a bit of a lull after some good lunch), especially since I just posted about Mark. […]

  2. […] In fact, on average, these were all people under 25 years of age! This is what prompted me to blog this when I was turning 22. So it’s amazing that here’s an event that is seeking this […]

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