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Local Innovation… Peupe!

Yes! Another installment in the ongoing ‘Local Innovation’ series. So far i did a post on the new application for analyzing the stock market, StocksPartner. This time around however the focus is on a Web 2.0 initiative!!!

A couple of years back blogging and the ‘social’ web amongst other technologies and frameworks of collaboration and communication on the WWW literally breathed new life into the WWW experience. Blogs sprung up everywhere fast! Tons of new, dynamic content found their way into the lime-light; evolving into what is now quite famously known as the Blogosphere. This was further compounded by the invention of Syndication; RSS 1.0/2.0, Atom… You can get bits and pieces of information from across the www-scape simply and easily without going to look for it. Fast forward…. zoom to the present and what do you find in the future that is today… a new ‘architecture’ of sorts in building web experiences… Mash-ups, RIA…!!! And the technology has definitely been keeping up, which both supports current innovation, creating a form of launch-pad to make use of what we have to make even newer innovations…. is your head spinning yet? And that is not even the half of it!!!

And corporates were not left behind, some daring and innovative companies saw the potential in the new wave and began exploring how make use of the new shape of the web. And today what do you find? ‘Hmmm, so you want to get a feel of what some big-shot executive is up to?’, simple, just check out his blog!

It is within this ‘ecosystem’ that a local company, Multiple Choices is building Peupe!

And what exactly is Peupe? Glad you asked! But first who is Multiple Choices. Well, Multiple Choices is a local company that is probably the first within Africa to come out and proclaim itself to be specifically targeted at Web 2.0!

Multiple Choices

For a description of what peupe is, I will borrow from the text on the peupe home page:

Peupe is a blog that is specially developed for business leaders and experts. Its features allow the blogger to share information,photos,
documents, and much more

Communities build brands. Build your community and let them build your brand as they talk,listen and share with you and each other.

Peupe Logo

This from alkags:

Finally, I am making the first post on our very own creation, Peupe. Peupe is Africa’s first corporate blog application that has been designed and built by Multiple Choices, specifically for business leaders and experts. Why?…

This is clearly exciting news! However apart from the hype of Web 2.0 and the hype of the ‘first Web 2.0 company in Africa’ or the ‘first blogging platform/social networking’ built in Africa… there is something that just speaks to me louder… and that’s the what do i call it… ‘the philosophy’ behind Multiple Choices and Peupe. Clearly this is something that I dare call extremely unique, a technology start-up, a dream, a vision of changing the mind-set of Africa/Kenya from what John, one of the personalities behind peupe refers to as a revolution in the way we think about technology.

What’s more exciting, and I think it could possibly come at a better time, is that they are planning an event dubbed TIDE (Technology, Innovation, Design and Everything). If the first thing that pops into your mind is MIX 07… then we are on the same wavelength. Of course MIX 07 is probably being a bit ambitious! But the general idea is to get the designer/developer community in Kenya to congregate and mentor them. This is potentially a big (And I cannot over-emphasize the Big!) event. With all the research and general curiosity that has led me to learn about things such as Silverlight, Surface, LINQ, devs in Orcas, WPF/E, Entity Framework, Volta (I just downloaded the interviews with Meijer C9!!! Good viewing for tonight!)… it is usually a bit discouraging to pop up one of the topics in a conversation and I see people’s expressions changing to unknowingess. I mean there is so much innovation out there and sorry to say, so much apathy within the local tech community. And so typically my blood starts rising and I end up giving a passionate account of what’s happening and begging with the other party to try and become a little curious about what’s going on!

So, back to TIDE. What I am trying to say , and hopefully the organizers will take this to mind, is that a serious wake-up call to innovate and invent is seriously needed in the community, in fact, the community needs to come together and take things up (cos I am not sure the community knows it exists as such). And this would be a great event to sow the seed and watch ‘the revolution’ come to life!

Read more about Peupe here!

Here are some of the first blogs built on peupe:





Apologies if my passion just came off too strong!😉

Watch out for another installment soon to come int ‘Local Innovation’, this time we will be talking Google Earth!😉

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2 Responses

  1. Virgy says:

    This is truly a remarkable piece of innovation straight from our backyard, Kenya, its time the web development community stepped up their game and began putting up applications that shine the spotlight on this continent.

    great stuff multiple choices

  2. tlcstudio says:

    thanks that was a cool post, and ur passion didn’t come off too strong.

    You’re right africa has a lot of innovation, it just has to show itself

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