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Wilfred Mworia (Will) has been active in the Kenyan development scene for over 5 years. He has worked for several software companies locally. Before venturing into the startup world he last worked as a technical evangelist (academic) at Microsoft East Africa.
Today, he runs a mobile applications development startup called African Pixel (http://www.africanpixel.com) that focuses on Smartphone applications development. He has also been involved in low end/SMS (mobile apps for social change) type of applications.

Will has also been a speaker at several local technology events and has been involved with the MIT-AITI (http://aiti.mit.edu/index.html) program amongst other initiatives locally.

He has several other ventures including the soon to launch Afrinnovator (http://www.afrinnovator.com)

Will blogs at http://wmworia.wordpress.com

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  1. mbotta says:

    ciao wilfred,

    just visited the ushahidi website the other day after having seen their video on oreilly. as an iphone developer, i would like to participate in their iphone project on github.

    i noticed your name as the repository owner. would you mind telling me how you envisage this app, at what stage it is and what sort of help you need? of course, if you are still working on this.



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